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Our Story

Pascal is an entrepreneur and life-long traveler, first arriving in Ecuador in 1981. After five years of traveling through South America, he started a chain of boutiques in France, collecting handicrafts and art from all around Latin America. In 1995, his taste for adventure led him to Roatan, Honduras where he built an ecological hotel, restaurant and dive shop. The hotel gained plenty of notoriety, but by 2007, Pascal didn’t recognize the beautiful wild island he had fallen in love with. He decided to sell his business, free again to start something new. After 3 years of hiking solo in the Panamanian jungles, Pascal discovered his new mountainous paradise at 1800 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the cloud forest inside the Amistad National Park, he began the first organic and permaculture farm in Panama. Soon after, he bought Villa Colonna in Quito, and made thoughtful, substantial renovations to create a refined, relaxing space.
Debra first came to Ecuador in 2009 and spent several months travelling and discovering the amazing landscapes, gentle people and cultural diversity which abounds here. Being born and raised in the Darien jungle of Panama, which is still one of the most dense and wild jungles left on Earth, she is very comfortable and at home in Latin America. After spending many years in Ontario raising her daughter, Debra returned to her country of birth in 2006.

During the next 8 years, she lived and roamed in Panama, Florida, South Carolina, British Columbia, Ontario and even spent one year sailing the ocean blue. In early 2015, back in Panama she met one very handsome, eccentric, and adventurous Frenchman. Together they continue to live a life of freedom, filled with love, happiness and discovery.


Now you can take in the experience of life as a traveller. With creativity and pleasure, we invite you to spend your evenings at Villa Colonna around an old French table with us, enjoying good food, wine and conversation.

About the Hotel


In order to give our guests the best experience possible, and help them discover the wonders in and around Quito, we became a licensed Tour Operator. After spending the day on your tour, you can return to the comforts of Villa Colonna.

This creates a very personal interaction with our guests, and allows us to assist you efficiently and directly. We are the only hotel that offers private day tours organized à la carte depending on the weather, local festivities or special interest.

We support small, local businesses, and recommend them because they have good quality products or services, and respect the environment. We never ask for or accept commissions to direct our guests anywhere. You will find that our tours and packages boast an incredible value, in both cost and quality.

Because we have traveled all our lives, we are passionate about helping people have authentic, meaningful experiences while they stay with us. We believe travel brings knowledge, open-mindedness and la joie de vivre to all who can experience it. We consider our work as a sincere gift to our guests. During the time you are with us, our unique motivation is to help you to discover and enjoy.

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Airport Transfer Quito

Airport Transfer We would be happy to coordinate transportation upon your arrival or departure from Villa Colonna. If we can be of service to you in this way, please contact us regarding your travel information when you reserve a suite, or via our contact form...


Escape the bustle of Quito’s city center and relax within the scenic confines of Parque Itchimbía (Itchimbía Park). Marvel at the incredible city and mountain views, check out art exhibitions and attend open-air concerts…

La Ronda

La Ronda in Quito is a beautiful street in the Historic Center of the city. It is said to be one of the oldest streets in Quito and has been nicely restored…


The basilica arose from the idea, proposed by father Julio Matovelle in 1883, of building a monument as a perpetual reminder of the consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart…

Presidential Palace

The history of this emblematic building dates back to colonial times, around 1570, with the acquisition of the former royal houses located in the city of Quito…

San Fransisco

The Church and Monastery of St. Francis (Spanish: Iglesia y Monasterio de San Francisco), commonly known as el San Francisco, is a 16th-century Roman Catholic complex in Quito, Ecuador…