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La Ronda in Quito is a beautiful street in the Historic Center of the city. It is said to be one of the oldest streets in Quito and has been nicely restored.

It sits close to the base of the famous “Panecillo” hill which is crowned with a winged virgin statue.

An ancient path which followed the small Ullaguanga-huayaco creek was the beginning of what is now called Calle La Ronda. The path was slowly lined with houses until the late 18th century when it is said to appear similar to today.

During the early 20th century La Ronda Quito became the home of poets, musicians and politicians who left their mark on Ecuadorian history. The renovated street now has informational signs which tell about some of these people and houses they lived in.

To get to the la Ronda from the Plaza Grande head southwest on Garcia Moreno. After about four blocks you will come to Juan de Dios Morales (the official street name of La Ronda). Turn left and enjoy.